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BRIEM Monitoring

Safe and easy - environmental GMP monitoring for cleanrooms and laboratories

GMP Monitoring for cleanrooms and laboratories

We stand for safe and reliable systems for cleanroom monitoring. We measure, monitor and document all relevant parameters in cleanrooms and laboratories. The focus is on alerting in the event of deviations and convenient documentation.

Basic functions

The basis of our GMP-compliant solution is formed by our measuring instruments in combination with our self-developed monitoring software. The components can be combined modularly. We offer you maximum flexibility without compromising security.


We offer measuring instruments for room pressure, room temperature, humidity, device temperature, particles, carbon dioxide and many more.


We monitor and document your environmental parameters with an easy to use, GAMP 5 validated software.


Select the suitable solution from several notification options: email, text message or phone. Signal transfer to the BMS, EMS etc. via analog output signal 4-20mA or 0-10V, Profibus, Modus, BacNet ...


Various solutions for visualization: traffic lights, acoustic alarms, LED dislplays, graphic displays, infomation displays, touch displays and mobile Solutions.


Our pharmaceutical engineers accompany you at every step of the process, URS, risk analysis, DQ, IQ, OQ, ...

Open architecture

Remain independent with our open, industrial standard interfaces.

System Overview

The monitoring system consists of modularly combinable components:

  • Sensors for different parameters (room pressure, room temperature, room humidity, particles, flow rate, device temperatures etc.)
  • Airlock / door monitoring
  • On-site visualization in the clean room (digital displays, touch panels, alarm lights)
  • Alarm forwarding (phone, email, text message)
  • »»Evaluation and data archiving »»Easy to use software

Designed for clean rooms

  • Surfaces resistant against detergents and fumigation
  • Flush integration into the clean room wall
  • calibratable and adjustable in built-in conditions
  • Precision measurement

Custom-made measuring instruments

  • The accuracy of the measurement is selected according to the requirements of the process
  • The devices are calibratable in builtin conditions. This way the whole measurement chain can be taken into consideration.
  • The devices are flush mounted into the clean room wall. Wires and tubing are laid protected behind the wall panels.
  • The surfaces are easy to clean and resistant against detergents and fumigation. All devices are designed according to the latest findings in hygienic design.
  • High-quality materials, smooth surfaces, perfectly processed for permanent and safe use.
  • Visualization of the current room status via status led lights or individual displays.
BRIEM Feldgeräte integriert in Reinraumwand

The monitoring software is the heart of the system

With the software you monitor and control the processes and always have an eye on the entire facility layout and the current operational status.

  • Facility layout
  • Alarm log / Audit trail
  • Charts
  • Devices

Facility layout

All measurement points are shown on the monitor as colored icons. The signal colors show the current status of the measurement point: Green means everything is alright, yellow warns you about a limit value violation and red means there is an active alarm.

The saved measurement values can be displayed as table or chart. The system also shows the limit values for each measurement point, making it easy to analyze limit value violations quickly and see the relevant measurements  as well as the duration of the violation.

Alarm log / Audit trail

All alarms are recorded and displayed clearly in the alarm log. The audit trail displays an overview of all accesses and shows alterations in the system (e.g. changed limit values) with time stamp, user name, commentary and value before and after the change. Filters allow you to stay on top of things no matter how many ongoing processes there are.


Make use of the many possibilities to  evaluate the measurement values and create statistics. You can combine rooms and parameters freely. Special evaluation tools facilitate the task. This allows you to detect changes early on and react proactively.


Manage your measurement points efficiently. You can assign each measurement point to a specific user who manages this measurement point. You can easily manage and
adjust the respective device status, alarm delay times and alarms – separately for each measurement point.

Sensors and visualization

Precision measuring technique, flexible connections. The measuring instruments are the foundation of the monitoring system because they collect the relevant data. Exact measurment and excellent visalization are of great importance.

Future-oriented clean room technology - your parameters:

  • Room pressure
  • Room temprature
  • Room humidity
  • Particle concentration
  • Device temperature
  • CO² concentration
  • Door and airlock status
  • Operation status and error messages
  • Conductivity
  • Filling level measurement
  • and many more
Reinraum Displays/Panels

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